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2nd April 2013

Photoset with 7 notes

My WWE/WWF Championship Belt collection. These were originally replicas that were on fake straps, so I had a friend who is a professional championship belt releather, build me new and real straps for my belts, which now look and feel like the real WWE belts so see on TV. The belts and the work that was done on them was very expensive but so worth it. The belts I have are are listed below. Years in brackets indicated how long the belt designs were used in the WWE/WWF.

1. WWE Undisputed Championship (2002-2005)

2. World Wrestling Federation Championship “Winged Eagle) (1988-1998)

3. World Wrestling Federation Championship “Smoking Skull” (1998-1999)

4. World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship (1987-1998)

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